Displacement, part 2

Dear Wyman,

The curtains have just come down on our long-awaited reunion, and some clearly have gone down the path for the worse. It just goes to show that the big-time isn’t meant for everyone, that there’s someone else who’s ready and willing to take that extra step, if you weren’t already sufficiently careful, vigilant, or patient. Larry looked happy, but he didn’t speak our language nor was he able to keep with us; so, it was entirely obvious the rest of us would look upon Larry so poorly. We never said it out loud, but everyone at the reunion would look at each other with the same thing in their eyes: what the hell happened to him, or in other less politic terms to crudely put: how dare he. We didn’t particularly care if he was happy – all we wanted to know was whether he was with us or against us.

This reminds me of what cousin Selma used to tell us: go chase life, before it tracks you down and kills you. I also remember what I used to say to her: give me a gun, and I’ll give you a 5-minute headstart.

`Til our paths collide,

— 2009 June 13


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